Facelifts on the rise

Facelifts on the rise

Facelifts on the rise. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) facelifts saw a 4 percent increase in the USA in 2016, with 131,106 facelifts performed in the past year.

People are figuring out that facelifts are still more effective and can often be much more natural looking than using many syringes of filler placed in the cheeks in order to enhance them. In addition, the sagging skin due to the ageing process can only be corrected by excising it and restoring the underlying tissues to their original position. The surgeons are now far better at providing superior techniques creating a more natural-looking rejuvenation without the telltale pulled look or the scars of a facelift from a decade ago.

Facelifts on the rise

The ASPS data also showed an uptick in the use of fat grafting, in which fat is harvested from one body part and placed into another body part, most commonly face and breasts. Fat grafting is perfect for correcting small defects or subtle asymmetry. Additionally, your body won’t reject its own tissue and to boot, it feels and looks like normal tissue. For women looking for subtle enhancement it can be the ideal option.

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