Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures for 2016

Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures. The decision to have plastic surgery is a totally individual choice, but even if you have no plans or desires to go under the knife, it’s still interesting to know about the biggest trends in cosmetic procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released their annual plastic surgery procedural statistics for 2016, and every one in the top five invasive procedures is on the rise. The number one plastic surgery procedure last year? Breast augmentations, with 290,467 procedures in the USA.

That’s up four percent from 2015, according to ASPS. In fact, cosmetic surgery overall (including non-invasive procedures) went up three percent from 2015 to 2016, and invasive procedures specifically went up four percent.

The following four most popular procedures were liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, and facelifts (which weren’t in the top five last year).
As for minimally invasive procedures, the top five in 2016 were Botulinum Toxin Type A (aka Botox), soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and microdermabrasion.

Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures for 2016

Plastic surgery trends do give us an interesting look at the concerns people have about their skin and body, but ultimately, no popularity statistic should determine what kinds of procedures you should and shouldn’t consider. Just because a plastic surgery procedure gets more popular doesn’t mean you should necessarily think about doing it.

On the flip side, if something that you do want to have done goes down in popularity, that doesn’t mean you need to rethink it. It’s all about what makes you feel good, and as long as you’re confident in your decision and have doctors you trust, any plastic surgery, invasive or not, is up to you.

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